Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (2024)

Now that you’ve grown your Funko Pop collection to its highest level yet, it’s time to talk about your Funko Pop display. Honestly, the display is entirely up to you, my happy little collector! If you want something fancy, I will explore those choices in this article. If you want something unique that shows off the Funko Pops theme, we will also take a trip down that road.

No golden rule book states how to display your extreme collection ofThe Office Funko Pops. I will talk about everything from floating modern shelves to fancy glass cases.

There are also endless possibilities for how you could display these collectibles. Still, depending on if you care about reseller value down the road, you should be cautious about how and where you display your beloved Funko Pops.

It’s always a good idea to store the Pops in their boxes or inside the Funko-madecube protective case. I’m starting this all off with a quick dos and don’ts list for Funko Pop displays, no matter what you choose.

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Some Dos & Don’ts in Funko Pop Display Choices

  1. Don’tkeep your Funko Pop collection where direct sunlight will hit it. Sunlight has a way of bleaching color after some time.
  2. Don’tdisplay your Funko Pops in an area subject to significant temperature variations. You probably wouldn’t do this, but don’t store your Funko Pops in a garage or attic. Both cold and hot temperatures are not suitable for your Funko Pop collection. You don’t want cracking or warped Pops.
  3. Don’tdisplay Funko Pops where you might contaminate the air with your Axe Bodyspray or perfume. Even though you may think they are harmless, they contain ingredients that could damage the paint on your Funko Pops.
  4. Don’tdisplay your Funko Pops in a location where animals might get the funny idea of chewing up your Funko Pops.
  5. Don’tdisplay your Funko Pops where they will be subject to secondhand smoke. They won’t get lung cancer, but they will get yellow and sticky.
  6. Dostore your Funko Pop collection in a closed case if possible for the best results.
  7. Dostore your Funko Pops in a visibly appealing spot where you can see them frequently.
  8. Domake sure to dust off and wipe down your Funko Pop collection every month to keep them looking fresh and new.
  9. Dokeep the original packaging in case you decide to sell your Funko Pops in the future. You don’t have to keep them in the box, per se, but keep them in an area away from water and temperature fluctuations.
  10. Dotake pictures and post them online so other Funko Pop collectors can see your excellent and super unique display ideas.

Here’s the Bottom Line!

My absolute favorite for the Funko Pop display isVaulted Vinyls Display Vault Air. Its all-around excellence is like no other. The reviews are excellent, and there’s a whole world of opportunities to create this display shelving system to look and inspire precisely how you want.

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My Search Criteria

  • I will only post the most extraordinary, most original, best, and most visually appealing display choices for your Funko Pops.
  • I will awkwardly also use my display ideas so that you may base your approach on them.
  • I want to be completely inclusive in my approach to display cases. I want everyone to find something that makes their little heart the happiest.
  • I will touch on a few DIY display builds, but understand that the materials can be whatever you want. Do whatever you want to do.
  • I will list the fanciest, most luxurious display cases you can buy for those capable of purchasing such.
  • I will include display cases that are entirely affordable and easy to obtain.
  • I will give examples of using recycled goods to build your shelf yourself. This option will be very inexpensive, if not free.
  • I will include a section with links to some super badass display cases I found while surfing the internet.
  • I will list display cases for your Funko Pops that come from sustainable and earth-friendly sources whenever possible.
  • I will list Funko Pop display cases created from natural and manufactured materials.
  • I will only list display cases built to last; if the case is long-term and withstanding time, your Funko Pop collection will be, too.

The Top Three Contenders

Vaulted Vinyl’s Display Vault Air

This is the clear winner. The display is lightweight, has a beautiful carbon finish, and is stackable horizontally or vertically. It is a high-end selection, and you pay for that.

Vaulted Vinyl is a high-end collector’s choice for shelving and other display options. They have many excellent products and suggestions on how to customize them. I highly recommend checking out their site.

Terrance 42 ½ Inch Glass Display Table

This beautiful table/display case is Funko Pop luxury at its peak. You can set up scenes, take them down and set up something entirely different as often as you wish.

You will not need to worry about dust, moisture, or debris getting in and ruining your Pop collection. If you were looking to display many different Funko Pop themes, this would be an excellent choice to line up for people to admire.

Yodar Nine Piece Riser Display Shelf for Funko Pop Display Glows at Night

This is the most original display option I’ve seen so far. There’s plenty more out there. You can customize this display however you’d best like it. It glows with fluorescent lighting at night, which gives it another worldly feel. It would look so great with the Star Wars Funko Pops.

The Greatest Funko Pop Display Ideas

Three Tiered Acrylic Display Case for Collectibles

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (3)

This is a frequently seen and used way to display your Funko Pops. It is inexpensive, and you can get as many as you need to fill your bookshelves. The clear acrylic case comes with latched doors, so you won’t need to worry about dusting as much.

The case will also keep the boxes clean and in perfect condition. Be very careful choosing a cleaning cloth to wipe the acrylic down. Some seemingly soft textures can even scratch the acrylic, and you want to keep the display crystal clear as intended.

You can remove the riser inside the case and use it however you’d like. You could furnish the inside of the clear case however you’d like and display a theme to go along with the Funko Pops displayed. The wooden detail makes this case look great compared to all-acrylic cases. One downside is the effort you must put into getting the pieces ready to be built into the case.

Acrylic sheets almost always come with paper stuck to both sides to protect them from scratching in the shipping process. This paper can be a pain and peels off in strips. The longer the protective paper has been on the acrylic, the longer it will take you to get it all off.

  • Size: 10.39L x 7.08D x 12.68W
  • Material: wood and acrylic

Four Acrylic Floating Shelves Five Millimeters Thick 15 Inches Wide

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (4)

This is another idea I like. You can get as many inexpensive acrylic shelves as you’d like and arrange them in whatever pattern you’d like best on your wall. You could even use these shelves as a frame for a centerpiece on the wall showing off the most popular characters. The options with these floating shelves are limitless.

Make sure to use caution when wiping them down and when installing them. Acrylic scratches very easily and can even scratch just by using the wrong dusting cloth. On the other hand, acrylic does not shatter like glass, making these a safer option.

If they were to fall or little hands pulled them down, it won’t be the worst day ever. One idea is to use these floating shelves to frame a room or match the steps on a stairway wall.

  • Size: 15 x 4.4 x 3.05 inches
  • Material: Acrylic

Vaulted Vinyl Display Vault Air

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (5)

This feather-light display case is made of foam with a sleek carbon fiber finish. It is more high-end than our first two options. However, be careful when mounting this display on your wall; the foam could easily damage and dent.

This display case is also compatible with the Funko Pop protectors Vaulted Vinyl sells. Thebest protectoris polycarbonate, which is mega strong and difficult to break. It’s much better than glass or acrylic options. Both the display case and protectors have very good reviews amount Funko Pop collectors and have been around long enough to earn the badge of “tried and true.”

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (6)

They even look good stacked vertically or horizontally. The dark background makes the viewer pay attention to the detail of the Pops and not the display case. This look would bring together a room with a dark-colored or stained floor.

  • Size: 23H x 17.5W x 3.5D inches
  • Materials: EVA foam and carbon fiber textured finish

Display Geek’s Out-of-Box Single Row Display Case – Wall Mountable, Cardboard & Stackable Funko Pop Display

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (7)

This display is a lower-cost option if you’re okay with the cardboard look. It’s not ugly, but you can tell it’s cardboard. The corners of the shelving are really what gives the cardboard away most. Be careful with this display case if you live in a humid area.

Cardboard can warp and become soggy if subjected to moisture. Definitely do not put this type of shelving near your bathroom or stove. The steam from cooking and showering will not be kind to the cardboard.

These shelves come as flat cardboard ready for you to fold into shelves using their instruction sheet with diagrams. This shelving unit is great for housing up to five Funko Pops out of their boxes or four Funko Pops in their boxes. Be careful putting these together because, with cardboard, there is no going back once you have folded it incorrectly.

If you want these shelves to be a different color, you can paint them. Spray paint for a tie-dyed effect, or use textured paint for something extra cool. You could do a mixture of drip art and bonus material. Make the display even more unique and personalized by attaching fluffy fabric, fake grass, or whatever your heart desires to the unit’s top, sides, and bottom.

  • Size: 7.5H x 20W x 4.5D inches
  • Materials: cardboard with a white or black finish on one side

Custom Acrylic Blacklight Long Brushed Base with Backlit Top for Out-of-Box Funko Pops

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (8)

This display option is a terrific way to showcase those Funko Pops that glow under the blacklight. These shelves are for out-of-the-box Pops and will bring them to life in the dark. This could be perfect for a bedroom as it gives off just enough light to be used as a nightlight.

These blacklight shelves are all handmade per order, so you know someone, not some machine, had carefully looked over your shelf for perfection before shipping it to its new home with you.

If you’re feeling extra fancy and creative, google blacklight miniatures or art and stick some stars and whatnot around this glowing shelf to give it a little something extra. I advise you to keep all your blacklight-friendly goods and shelves in one room together. Putting them beside regular cases or shelving may only satisfy you if you incorporate blacklight items.

  • Size: 15.25L x 4.50D x 1.75T inches
  • Materials: ¼ inch acrylic

Yodar Nine Piece Riser Display Shelf for Funko Pop Display Glows at Night

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (9)

This highly rated and reviewed stand-alone honeycomb shelf can sit inside a display case, on a shelf, hang on your wall or sit on a tabletop.

It is created in a trendy honeycomb design and glows at night. In addition, each piece has its own set of fluorescent lights that show the honeycomb off subtly after dark. Another fantastic fact is that these honeycombs are very affordable, and you certainly get a lot for what you pay.

If you have a long hallway, it will look nice to frame the hallway’s sides with honeycomb designs. Each honeycomb piece is either black or white and is designable in whatever pattern best suits you. For example, if you’re a Star Wars fan, this high-tech space design would work perfectly for displaying your Pops.

This display comes with 3M strips to hang each honeycomb. Be careful if you are in a humid environment, though, as they tend to lose their stickiness faster.

  • Size: 4.3W x 4.3T x 1.97D
  • Materials: plastic

Acrylic Display Stand with Risers Seven Tier

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (10)

This display is a clever option to add to a bookshelf or desk. I like how each riser offsets the next to help the Pop stand out. You can also decorate an entire shelf with this setup and customize the theme on either side of the display riser. For example, make a Jurassic Park theme by adding skeletons, jeeps, other dinosaurs, and characters to the scenery.

I love how symmetrical the risers appear. It makes the display look classy and like it would make a wonderful centerpiece on a table or bookshelf. This display stand comes in two sizes and designs, which would look great combined on a shelf. One warning, though, be very careful not to scratch the acrylic.

  • Size: Entire display 5.9W x 5.9T – Each riser top is either 4.72, 3.74, 1.8, 2.76, or 2.36 inches from top to bottom riser
  • Materials: Acrylic risers

Terrance 42 ½ Inch Glass Display Table

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (11)

This glass case is a unique idea you can really run with as far as customizing goes. You can add an entire themed Funko Pop collection and decorate with whatever flooring, lighting, and items your heart desires. I love to think of this as a battle scene of something important from the characters’ lives playing out. You could make this terrarium-style two-door case extremely spectacular with a bit of creativity.

One of the most incredible features of this option is that you can add open-air plants if you’d like a more realistic theme. The case has two air holes, which make this possible. Another perk is that the table can hold 30 pounds on the top of the case and 50 pounds inside, so go ahead and add those rocks for the background. The table weighs 47 pounds, so it’s sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about bumping into it and knocking it over.

  • Size: 42 ½W x 15 ¼D x 30H inches
  • Materials: glass

5 x 3 LED Wall Mounted Curio Display Case

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (12)

This is one very fancy display case, and the price reflects that. However, it is charming, and you will be able to display so many Pops in this 60-inch long case. It has four shelves, each with ten inches of depth. You would have no problem fitting Funko Pops and their boxes. If you’re feeling crafty, purchase some riser shelving and stands to put in the case to make this even more appealing.

The mirrored back glass gives the case an extra luxurious feel and lets you see the back of the Pops or their boxes without touching them. One of the best features is that the case locks. This would be perfect if displayed to the general public in a comic or collectible shop.

The case is already put together and ready to mount to your wall. The four internal LED lights are easily changeable if you choose to do so. Each shelf can hold a maximum of 67 pounds. That’s a lot of Pops!

  • Size: 60 x 40 x12 inches – Shelf size: 58.5 x 10 inches
  • Materials: black or silver aluminum and tempered glass

15 Inch Glass Tower Display Case with Sliding Doors

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (13)

This is a beautiful tower-style case with sliding doors and four permanent shelves. This is a way to store and display a large amount of Funko Pops elegantly but still only take up a small amount of space in your home or office.

With shelves measuring 14.5L x 13D inches, you have more than enough room to offset each Pop with its box. I think you will likely be able to fit 5 Pops and their boxes per shelf. If you are not interested in displaying the boxes, you can easily accommodate ten or more Pops.

I like this because the corners of our rooms could be better utilized, and this is an excellent way to display your Funko Pop collection and not have to move all your furniture around so you can do so. The display itself looks nice and is affordable.

Of course, you can always add LED strips to brighten things up. Unfortunately, the case does not come pre-assembled, so you will be putting in a bit of work before you can enjoy your case.

  • Size: 15 x 71 x 4.8D inches
  • Shelf Size: 14.5L x 13D inches

Recycled Goods Make Great Displays

Let’s take a moment to discuss how insanely easy it is to find inspiration at yard sales, thrift shops, and online reseller sales (Facebook Marketplace). You can turn just about anything into a display case. From bookshelves to armoires, your creativity will drive your display’s success and appeal.

I suggest surfing the used furniture section on Marketplace or a similar site and letting your mind wander a bit. You can always paint, add shelves, remove doors, and remodel the entire display case however you want. You can do anything you want!

For example, take two old-fashioned house windows with frames and stack them two by two with four total. Use pallet or recycled wood to create a bottom of the shelf to tether your double-stacked windows against. From there, use reclaimed wood or even old bookshelf shelves to make shelves between the double-stacked windows. That would take a little time but would create a highly original display. You could do a lot using old windows and even doors.

If you purchase only the cube storage cases of your Funko Pops, you can also arrange those in a pattern on your wall. For example, create a tree of sorts or frame a doorway.

Glass entertainment centers could be recycled into Funko Pop display cases.

Extra Add-Ons to Consider

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (14)

Add a Background to Your Shelving

You can choose from one of the optional colors and themes, or you can create your own by uploading a photo.Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (15)

Add some realistic textures

If you are housing The Smurfs on these shelves, you could decorate the sides, top, and bottom with mushrooms, flowers, hand mirrors, andfake grass. Check outdollhouse miniatures for more fantastic ideas. Your imagination is the limit! Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (16)

Liven Up the Color

Want toliven up the color theme of your display? Try painting with textured paint or glitter. You can also use spray paint for a layered or textured effect. Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (17)

Glue on vines and flowers, or try seashells, seaweed, sand, and weathered rope for a nautical theme. Be as creative as you want.

Try Glitter Behind Marvel Characters

Match the glitter to the superhero’s color theme. Whether you go with glitter spray paint, acrylic glitter paint, loose glitter, and Mod Podge, be very careful to apply a thin layer and let it dry completely before attempting more layers. The wetness of paint or Mod Podge can warp the cardboard if you’re not careful. Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (18)

Want a stone-looking background? Try following thestone creation tutorial. I love this one and think it would look great behind so many different Pops. It’s quiet enough not to take away from the Pops themselves but also looks excellent behind any collector’s item.

You can useLED strip lightsto show off your Funko Pop display even more. It will cost you considerably less than a blacklight shelf. You can opt for one uniform color or go for the rainbow effect. Both look awesome. Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (19)


Question: Is it okay to stack Funko Pops in a display?

Answer: The internet will tell you it’s perfectly fine to stack ten Funko Pops in their boxes against a wall. I am telling you not to do it. You could stack one on top of another, but I wouldn’t risk stacking more than that. If they fall over and bump into something, it will compromise the box and the value of the Funko Pop.

Question: Do Funko Pops increase in value?

Answer: Yes, especially if they are with the original box and both box and Funko figure are in perfect condition. If you have an autographed box, it will increase the Pops’ worth. If you have a limited or special edition, it will be worth more generally. Go to the next nearby Comic-Con and pick up an exclusive Funko Pop.

You may even be able to get it autographed while you are there, too. It will take some time for a Funko Pop to increase in value. However, some of the more sought-after Pops can be worth thousands within a decade of ownership.

Question: Are Funko Pops worthless without a box?

Answer: Not entirely, but most collectors searching for a Funko Pop on a reseller site will be more inclined to purchase a Pop in its original condition inside the original box. This is even more so for the limited or special edition models.

Without the box, it may still be worth some money, but it will not be anywhere near as profitable as an original Funko Pop in the box. Additionally, the packaging is meaningless if you just want the Funko Pop and do not want to resell it.

Best Funko Pop Display Ideas: Final Thoughts

We just strolled through so many seriously incredible choices for displaying your Funko Pop collection. You can use as many or as few as you’d like and customize to whatever category or theme Funko Pops you will be putting on the display. I love the idea of using backgrounds and miniature items to give more personality to the display cases.

My very favorite suggestion is theVaulted Vinyl Display Vault Air. Not only does it do the job elegantly, but it also weighs very little and can hold 12 pounds of collectibles per shelf. Of course, if you go for the big package of 54 slots, it will cost a bit, but having a streamlined and luxurious-looking way to display your beloved Funko Pops will be well worth it. Remember, that case is yours to decorate as you see fit. Creativity is a fantastic way to stretch your mind and make something memorable.

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Best Funko Pop Display Ideas - Avid Collectibles (2024)


What can I use to display Funko Pops? ›

If you're looking to keep your Funko Pops in their boxes, try arranging them in a bookcase for a fun and organized display. For those who prefer your Funko Pops to be out of the box, consider placing them on a display shelf or in a special case!

What Funko Pop sold for $100,000? ›

For instance, a special edition Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Pop sold for $100,000 in May 2022, making it the most expensive Funko Pops in the world.

Do Funko Pops lose value out of the box? ›

Funko Pops do not lose value if opened, but the packaging should be keep in pristine condition. The boxes aren't sealed, so it's possible to display them outside of their packaging.

Are Funko Pops better in the box or out? ›

Yes, you should store your Funko Pop Figures in their original box, but it's not compulsory. Since they vary in price, having the boxes will maximize their value. If your Funk Pop is projected to appreciate, you should surely keep the box.

How do you suggest Funko Pop ideas? ›

The best way for your suggestion to get visibility is to head over to and fill out the form. Our customer service specialists or other Funkovians are not able to pass anything along, so this is the most direct way to make your voice heard.

What marker is best for Funko POPs? ›

Many POP collectors recommend Sharpie oil-based pens or Uchida DecoColor paint markers as they both provide the best results on Funko POPs. Both are oil-based pens, which is important because the oil-based ink adheres well to the acetate window and doesn't scratch off.

What is #1 Funko Pop? ›

The first item the company ever created was the Big Boy bobblehead Wacky Wobbler.

Which Funko Pop will go up in value? ›

If a Funko Pop Vinyl is vaulted, this means that a particular model is no longer in production. Figurines that are vaulted or have chase stickers stand a much better chance of becoming valuable Funko Pops in the future.

What are the most collected Funko Pops? ›

List of the Rarest and Most Valuable Funko Pops
Funko PopEstimated Value
Golden Ticket 2-Pack$100,000
Clockwork Orange Funko Pop$60,000
Freddy Funko Metallic Iron Man$43,000
Freddy Funko Metallic Ghost Rider$23,000
8 more rows
Mar 30, 2023

Who has the largest collection of Funko Pop? ›

David Mebane from Knoxville, Tennessee started collecting Funko Pops in 2014, and now has the largest collection of the toys in the world as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

How many Funko Pops are there to collect in total? ›

How many Funko POPs are there? There are approximately 8,366 Funko POP figures to date. However, the company is constantly expanding and releasing new models.

Are Funkos a good investment? ›

Are Funko Pops valuable? The short answer is yes, assuming you're the parent company selling them and getting a kickback each time the vinyl figure products ship. Funko Inc, the parent company behind the Funko Pop collection, was founded in 1998.

Will Funko Pops be worth money in the future? ›

The short answer is that most Funko Pops will never see their worth substantially rise, even in the space of 10-20 years or more. However, a small portion of Funko Pop releases can sell for thousands of dollars, and there are ways to identify which vinyl characters are promising investments.

How do you know if a Funko Pop will increase in value? ›

Comparing Supply and Demand

Using the Ebay numbers, the price of a Pop will typically increase over time if the number of sold listings is a lot higher than the number of Pops for sale. If the Pop is not vaulted then there is a risk of the price coming back down if there is another production run.

Do Funko Pops fade in the sun? ›

Light: One of the main causes of accelerated deterioration in Funko Pop figures and boxes (fading and accelerated degradation) is UV radiation. This is usually from sunlight, but also present in some artificial lighting too. In order to protect your collection it's important to protect it from UV light.

Why do people keep their Funko Pops in the box? ›

Simply put, the box is as much of a collectible as the figure itself. Not only is there enough translucent space to keep the figure visible, but it's also conveniently shaped to be stacked or placed on a shelf without fear of it tumbling. A box is also somewhat easier to dust and clean than a figure.

Is it normal to collect Funko Pops? ›

In fact, Funko Pop collecting is a popular hobby for people of all ages. These collectible figures are traditionally marketed towards children and teenagers from 3 ages and up, but they also have a huge adult following. In fact, it's estimated that more than half of these toys are bought for adults.

What makes a Funko Pop a grail? ›

Grail is a term used in the Funko community to reference anything expensive or hard to find (most of the time both). These items can be something from a Limited Edition Convention Exclusive to a Rare Vaulted Common Pop!

What makes a Funko Pop a chase? ›

Chase figures are marked with a special chase sticker on the packaging and are made in smaller quantities than the regular version of the figure, often in ratios of 1/6 vs the common pop. Exclusive figures: Exclusive figures are Funko Pop figures that are only available at a specific retailer or event.

How much does it cost to make yourself a Funko Pop? ›

Funatics fill out their Pop! People customization form, using the display kiosks to make their selections. There is a strict limit of three Pops! per person and each custom figure costs $25. Funatics pay for their order with the outdoor cashiers.

Do stickers matter on Funko? ›

The correct sticker on the box is important to our collectors! Take a look at the current versions and what it means for the figure. Funko Shop Exclusive: Only available for purchase on Funko Shop online or at the HQ or Hollywood retail stores.

What Funko Pop is 109? ›

Suicide Squad #109 The Joker (Tuxedo) Exclusive.

How can you tell a rare Funko? ›

Funko POPs are popular figurines with characters to suit every age and interest. However, as with all collectables, some Funkos are rarer than others. If a Funko POP has a 'Limited Edition Chase' sticker located on the bottom right-hand corner of the box, it shows that the POP is rarer than others.

What Funko Pop is number 999? ›

Funko Pop! Avatar: The Last Airbender Fire Lord Ozai Pop! Vinyl Figure #999 (Bundled with Pop Protector)

What Funko Pop is 111? ›

Harry Potter #111 - Harry Potter [in Invisibility Cloak] Exclusive [Sold Out]

What Funko Pop is 500? ›

#500 Namor, The Sub-Mariner.

What is the most a Funko Pop has sold for? ›

With an estimated value of $25,470 for the non-glow-in-the-dark version and $26,060 for the glow-in-the-dark Chase limited edition, Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange is the most expensive Funko Pop Vinyl in the world.

What was the 1000th Funko Pop? ›

Doctor Strange himself gets this honor, with the 1,000th Funko receiving an interdimensional blue chase variant, with a 1 in 6 chance of snagging it.

What is the legendary Funko Pop? ›

This is the fourth level of rarity in the game, Pops! of this level have six levels of stars and stickers. The Pops! Legendary can be obtained randomly in boxes or, for the Event Exclusives, by completing the twentieth milestone of their respective events or using a Legendary Ticket (normal or unique).

Is there anything inside a Funko Pop head? ›

Inside a Funko Pop's head there is absolutely nothing. That's because Pops are made from vinyl using a manufacturing process that creates a hollowed out shell of semi-pliable material which helps provide extra weight and support for the character.

What's the world record for most Funko Pops stacked? ›

we got 16 tall. that's the new world record for Funko pop boxes stacked.

What funko pop is number 777? ›

Dinopool Deadpool Pop #777 Pop Marvel Deadpool Vinyl Figure (Bundled with EcoTek Protector to Protect Display Box)

What celebrity has the most Funko Pops made of them? ›

Without a doubt it's Tom Hanks. He has all 8,366 figurines. He has multiples of each figurine and it's been estimated he has 30,000 + figurines. He has an entire set that is still in the sealed box.

Is there money in selling Funko Pops? ›

Once you've built a good customer base, you can sell your Funko Pops for good money (sometimes higher than eBay). It's very important to have a lot of people watching your live sales. Generally, WhatNot is great if you can get through the obstacles that come with it.

How many pop figures are there 2023? ›

There are approximately 1,260 figures in the market, including Sheldon Cooper and an Amazon-exclusive Homer Simpson. VHS Covers: If you're a die-hard Pop collector, you must get your hands on 5 of the most famous Pop! VHS covers like Belle, Vito Corleone from The Godfather, and Goofy from A Goofy Movie.

Who owns Funko? ›

Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker and Claudia Becker, Funko was originally conceived as a small project to create various low-tech, nostalgia-themed toys. The company's first manufactured bobblehead was of the Big Boy mascot, the well-known restaurant advertising icon. Funko Inc.

What should I do with my Funko POPs? ›

You can keep your Funkos in the retail boxes, showcase the figures by themselves or use the figure with some props. Between collectors, Funko Pops are more valuable with the retail box, however, the retail boxes are sometimes not as photogenic as a figure. So it depends on the reason why do you collect Funkos.

How many Funko POPs are there to collect in total? ›

How many Funko POPs are there? There are approximately 8,366 Funko POP figures to date. However, the company is constantly expanding and releasing new models.

Can I share my Funko Pop collection? ›

Showcase your prized possessions and earmark items for sale or trade--and share them via link over text or social media. Open lists that have been shared with you right in the Funko app. Shared lists remain available in your app until the list is deleted or made private by its owner.

What makes a Funko Pop worth more? ›

What Makes a Funko Pop Rare? The main factor that makes a Funko Pop rare is when there's a small number of pieces produced and if it is a regular or Chase Pop Vinyl. Chase Pop versions are special editions that are produced in limited numbers.

Will Funko Pops be worth anything in the future? ›

It might not be a huge jump in value, but your Funko Pops will eventually increase in value. These square-headed, black-eyed toys are released regularly as part of a new movie paraphernalia that collectors gobble up or other product lines.

What is the best way to store Funko Pops? ›

To protect your Funko Pop in storage we recommend our specially designed made-to-measure acid-free and archival storage boxes with a drop front. Boxes that are not acid-free or buffered could, in time, cause damage to the collection - you should never use any box made from PVC.

How to ship 6 Funko Pops? ›

Wrap each Funko Pop! box separately so they're just as protected as if they were shipping individually. Line the box with a sheet of that gorgeous custom tissue paper of yours (or another layer of bubble cushion if you prefer), place the Funko Pops on their back and wrap the material around them.

What does vaulted Funko Pop mean? ›

A: Vaulted Edition means that Funko had previously released this Pop earlier and retired it (Vault). Funko then decided to reissue this Pop but in a different box so that some knows it was not the original run from a few years earlier.

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